Saturday, May 24, 2014

Recruiting Mentors

If you are a trans individual who feels comfortable in their skin, who has learn to let go of hang ups and do not get offended easily by words or how people view you, please send us your information and become part of the mentoring team.

We are looking for stories of success, we are looking to create a network of well balanced individuals that are part of the LGBT community and allies as well. Please fill out the form provided on this blog. We want to lead by example and show the community that being happy does not depend on the outside world, but on self.

We will be sharing stories on the blog to empower and give strength to those who need it, to those who feel threatened by the world around them. When we transitioned we took a big risk. Many of us lost friends and family. We lost our jobs and our confidence. Many were not equipped with the tools and coping skills it takes to be transgender. So you lash out at the world and take on the victim mentality. You don't have to be that way. We want to help you see life in a different light. We want you to own up to your reality and to realize that the world owes us nothing. You want to express yourself and be you and that is fine. But don't expect a cheer leading squad. Your gender specialist have fallen short and have not treated other issues that you have acquired or have had since inception. 

Being Trans takes a lot of guts and strength, let our mentors help you get there and learn to be happy. Awareness is the key to healing yourself. Life can be wonderful and the world a wonderful place to live in. This program is looking to find a perfect fit between mentor and a trans person in need. Once we have our team in place, we will open up the platform for those who want to be mentored. #Learn2Cope

Problems Need Solutions

Many of us come from dysfunctional families, we have issues that have been with us since our inception, call it genetic or call neurological.  My point here is not to judge you or criticize you, on the contrary I want to help find a solution to our problems. Many minorities have history of pain due to the treatment they have received through out the years and have developed a victim mentality. One thing I do know and trust me I don't know everything, but with my degree as an Occupational Therapist they always taught me to not focus on the disabilities, instead focus on your patients abilities, always find a solution before pointing out their problems. So with that in mind, the light bulb went off this morning, as I read the many articles that show the anger and dysfunction in our community, I said to myself, instead of pointing out all their faults, lets do something to help them cope. Hence, #Learn2Cope project.