Saturday, May 24, 2014

Problems Need Solutions

Many of us come from dysfunctional families, we have issues that have been with us since our inception, call it genetic or call neurological.  My point here is not to judge you or criticize you, on the contrary I want to help find a solution to our problems. Many minorities have history of pain due to the treatment they have received through out the years and have developed a victim mentality. One thing I do know and trust me I don't know everything, but with my degree as an Occupational Therapist they always taught me to not focus on the disabilities, instead focus on your patients abilities, always find a solution before pointing out their problems. So with that in mind, the light bulb went off this morning, as I read the many articles that show the anger and dysfunction in our community, I said to myself, instead of pointing out all their faults, lets do something to help them cope. Hence, #Learn2Cope project.

I want to create a network of mentors from in and outside of the community to help individuals cope with life's issues beyond Gender Dysphoria. I want to connect healthy developed Trans and Cis folks who have found ways to be happy and have no need to badger the world on words or views. We can't eliminate hatred and slurs, we can however learn to cope or deal with situations. The only person you can change is you.

As we develop this project we will keep you posted, we will be recruiting people through out the world to assist with this mission. Our mission is to create a community that is well balanced, a community that through love will deliver the message that we will all be proud of. A community that  has no need to create sub groups or focus on a victim mentality, instead focus on strength and being proud of who they are.

So please join us in our efforts, I know we have been misunderstood due to our passion and vision. We stand behind our community, but we do not stand behind behaviors that are counterproductive. We are about Love, not anger or fear. Although many see us as the enemy because we don't follow the latest trend in our community, for we want something better for humanity in general.

We Love you, but remember to Always Love Yourselves Too.

Mark Angelo and Jessica Lynn Cummings

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