Friday, June 6, 2014

Unstable Minds Should Not Be On Hormones

It is scary to see how many trans individuals who have many underlying issues be either self medicating on HRT, or have found a way to fool their gatekeeper. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that many in the trans community are angry and pose a threat to themselves and others. Just peruse many of the Facebook groups and take a read, the name calling and personal attacks to those that don't agree with them or have different views is rather alarming.

Just the other day after reading another uproar from the community regarding a company who sells glasses called Ryders Eyewear, my wife and I voiced our opinion that many in the community lack a sense of humor and are too quick to get mad. Many attacked our views, but this one particular individual that goes by the name of Kilo Bravo on Facebook  and KNBProds on You Tube, became very verbally abusive and showed an abnormal angry response to the point of threatening us. The altercation quickly became vile, and I did throw in a few digs about his looks after his abusive threats. I explained to him that Cyber bullying is a crime and he can end up in jail. Well as soon as I said this, he removed his comments and reported mine, which led Facebook to block my account for 7 days. To no avail after trying to contact Facebook to straighten out the situation, we decided to investigate the individual further and were floored by what we found. This person has videos blowing things up, and shooting objects such as a printer. He possesses chemicals that I am sure can land him in jail. This person claims to be a trans female, but has no characteristics of such and is full of hate and anger.  Further alarming he is on hormones according to a transition video he made and posted on his Facebook page.

Now where I am getting at with all of this is what we are seeing are many unstable individuals with anger and other mental issues who are dangerous to themselves and our community. Most of these individuals are self medicating I have to believe, because if a therapist is actually handing out letters to people who have apparent mental issues, they should be held responsible for what ever happens and their license revoked. We believe this person is capable of harming people and feel that his threats can turn into action.  We need to take a closer look at what is happening in our community and we must put a stop to this at all cost.

Here are few of his videos

Here are some of the comments and threats made by Kilo Bravo: Kilo wrote: "and yours should do the world a favor by euthanizing you and that animal you're sucking off." Kilo wrote: "and you deserve a righteous ass beating." Kilo Bravo (friends with Sabrina Anna Samone) replied to your comment on Ryders Eyewear's status. Kilo wrote: "maybe you should finish the deed and actually become roadkill." Kilo Bravo (friends with Sabrina Anna Samone) replied to your comment on Ryders Eyewear's status. Kilo wrote: "But come back anytime. I can scare your bitch ass even more. I should make a vague comment about new mexico to really scare you. Lol." You tell me does this sound like a stable individual who should be on hormones? Many in our community lack coping skills and to tell you the truth, I believe they have greater issues than Gender Dysphoria. Please note I would normally use the proper pronouns to identify a trans individual, but this person deserved no respect after the way he conducted himself and even quoted that he was more of a man than me.

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