Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Discrimination Brought Upon Demands

The latest craze in our community has lead to many seeing us as dangerous and confrontational.  We are going to be seen as trouble makers creating further difficulties to find jobs or to keep them.  No employer wants to feel they have to walk on egg shells or have a staff member that will create problems with the team. One thing is to want equality and be able to work as well as lead a normal life, and the other is to create demands in a world that is barely getting use to trans individuals.

Demanding things really will get us nowhere, we must lead by example show that we are good people, qualified to do the job. We must appeal to peoples emotion, win them over, not scare them away. We can't run away from the fact that we appear as different to many, and most in our world have problems with different, that is until they get to know us personally and realize we are just like them.

There are many in the community that are too quick to jump on the discrimination bus, instead of seeing that it might be something they are doing or saying that may be the true cause of discrimination. Self awareness is not easy for some, and much easier to blame others for our troubles. I personally have never had an issue with being trans, I out myself every chance I get, and find people are open and welcoming to my situation. It is a matter of education, visibility and showing the world we are an asset to the work place and relationship. Be proud of who you are, walk with your head high and stop living life as a victim.

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